Get Started

It will not take you long to get Searchanise up and running in your store.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Install the Connector for you platform

  2. Switch to your store admin panel and find the Searchanise add-on (e.g. Administration → Add-ons in CS-Cart, Catalog in Magento, etc.)

  3. Launch the add-on

  4. Click on Connect store to Searchanise. This is required only once; no manual registration necessary:

    Connect Store to Searchanise

    The initial synchronization will launch automatically.


    It will take some time, depending on you database size, to submit all the products to our servers. Please be patient.

  5. After the synchronization is finished, a message in green will be shown in the Search engines tab, under the search engine list:

Searchanise is ready to use!

From now on, the storefront search will be handled by our servers, and your customers will see an auto-suggestion popup as they start typing in the search box.


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